The skinny on Skinny

I thought 2Degrees was the best deal available for mobile phones if you use your phone to access data. But 2Degrees just cut back on my data cap and they pissed me off by wanting to charge $40 if I changed my plan, so I went looking.

Long story short


The best deal for a contract account on 2Degrees would have cost me $29. Telecom and Vodafone even more. The nice guys at Skinny give me a pre-pay account with 500MB of data for $16 a month.

It took $4 for a SIM card and all of 20 minutes for the staff at Warehouse Staionary to set it up and my old number was transferred to the new Skinny SIM card in a couple of hours.

But wait…

There’s more:

If you transfer your old number to your Skinny account you get your first month free.

Good deal Skinny.

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